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Welcome to The CBD Boss

The CBD Boss is part of the The Coffee Boss group. As The Coffee Boss grew we started a range of Coffee Machines that would allow the user to have a CBD supplement. This was a world first and won awards for innovation. To achieve this we and our Partners, Virtue, created a taste free, fine, high quality powder.

It is this powdered form of CBD that we use in our coffee machines and now offer in our sachets and other products to use at home. This was the start of The CBD Boss.

Today we supply customers and Coffee Machine owners our products both nationally and internationally as the CBD health benefits are becoming universally known and excepted.

About Virtue

The Coffee Boss has partnered with Virtue to provide a high quality CBD powder to mix into your hot drinks.

Virtue is the UK’s leading luxury CBD & Hemp retailer. They create effective, pharma grade edibles and topicals. All their hemp is grown organically in the USA and certified in the UK. They offer only the purest, most potent cannabinoids, formulated for a healthier, happier lifestyle.

The CBD Boss Sachets

The CBD in our sachets were developed initially for The Coffee Boss CBD Machines. as a supplement choice to be added to your favourite hot drinks.

However the quality that we developed was so high that now we offer the CBD powder in 15mg and 30mg sachets for your convenience.

You can add the contents to any hot drinks and it will mix into the drink completely. It is odourless and tasteless.

Using CBD daily at the same time each day is the best way to get the benefits from using a CBD supplement.

The CBD Boss Honey Sticks

Our CBD has also been mixed into honey sticks. They are great way to get your CBD, whilst honey is known as a superfood. Honey is known to have powerful antioxidants, helps pollen allergies, provides energy and much more. Its a natural choice to combine it with CBD.

Take a few honey sticks with you to enjoy throughout your day.

Using CBD daily at the same time each day is the best way to get the benefits from using a CBD supplement.

The CBD Boss Coffee Machine

Enjoy all the features of our Coffee Boss machines and products whilst adding CBD to your favourite beverages!  As coffee is a stimulant it will enhance the absorption of the CBD into the body.

With a range of machines that offer unto 12 types of hot drinks, with or without payment systems, we have a machine to suite every commercial need.

CBD Vienna

The Vienna will neatly sit on a counter for you or your staff to operate.

CBD Premium Station

A self supporting set up for staff or paying customers to use with the essentials to hand

CBD Tower

The standalone Tower is great for making a presence and being seen by your self-service customers.

The CBD Boss CBD Product

Our CBD comes from the experienced highly regarded cannabis and terpene farms in the USA. They are FDA certified and Department of Agriculture registered hemp farms operating to ISO 9000 quality controls.

Grown 100% organically in natural California sunshine, bred from the most advanced cannabis genetics from next generation hemp strains. We leverage  our unique hemp genetics to create a product high in CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC.

Our CBD purity is created from an award winning crystallised ultra-high purity CBD isolate, with the world’s highest lab analysis of over 99.9%.​  We are proud of the what we keep out of our CBD too and we never use GMO seeds.

We start with pharmaceutical grade, pure CBD. With our gentle refining process, our CBD isolate molecules are not damaged or weakened by any harsh chemicals or product damaging productions. So our CBD is of the highest quality, safe and ethical.

Our highly unique CBD powder that we create can be added to your favourite beverages for you to enjoy the health benefits.

We have also infused it into other products that you can enjoy too such as honey sticks and more.